Venous illnesses belong to the group of the most common diseases of modern man and according to the World Health Organization data, enlarged veins are the most widespread disease in many countries of the world. In addition to aesthetic disorders, varicose veins cause burning sensation, itching, fatigue, tension and swollen legs. They appear more frequently on women than on men. If venous diseases are not timely and adequately treated, they present an important risk factor for the occurrence of venous thrombosis, as well as chronic changes in the skin of the lower leg and the feet in the form of skin inflammation and the appearance of venous ulcers, wound on the legs.

These wounds, unfortunately, very slowly heal and contribute to the psychological and physical disability of patients. At the time, laser treatment of enlarged veins prevents the development of these complications.
laserski tretman vena




In addition to shaving the leg persons with pronounced malnutrition, laser treatment of veins require no conventional preoperative preparation in terms of standard internal treatment.




  • Anesthesia: The intervention is performed in tumescent anesthesia (the type of local anesthesia)
  • Duration: Intervention on one leg lasts, depending on the extent of the disease, from 30-45 min




The patient is mobile immediately after the intervention has finished and without any danger can continue with his everyday usual physical activity. From our side, we recommend regular daily walking. Venous socks are worn only for 3 days during the night and day, and the plasters that are put on the skin are removed for 10 days after the intervention.