Each treatment starts with microdermabrasion, which is performed with the Reviderm SkinPeeler® New Generation Plus Ultrasound system. The same cleansing of the skin is done and removing the superficial part of the dead cells, which creates the preconditions for applying the active components contained in the Reviderm Skintelligence® products based on the latest results of research on the most advanced dermatology and cosmetology.

These treatments do not only affect visible signs of skin aging, but rather affect the aging of the skin at an early stage. A special feature is the optimal concentration of the active ingredients and, ultimately, the visible effect. Our recommendation is doing five treatments at intervals of ten days.


Microdermabrasion is a gentle, painless method without the risk of allergies and scars, by which we can regulate to what extent and how aggressively we want to approach the treatment. With the flow of aluminum oxide crystals, gently and painlessly, in a controlled manner, we remove the upper layer of the skin. After this targeted removal of dead cells, stimulated the strong growth of new skin cells in the basal skin layer. The new cells then migrate to the upper layers, gradually replenishing the damaged tissue. This treatment provides a perfectly refreshing and regeneration of mature skin, as well as a significant reduction in wrinkles, and restores the skin to a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Treatment with microdermabrasion is often recommended for ultrasound treatment for skin regeneration after treatment. Ultrasound facial treatment is a very subtle and non-aggressive method of removing impurities. The ultrasound apparatus simultaneously clears the pores and removes the layer of dead cells from the skin surface, and the cellular oxygen supply is accelerated. The result is pure and glossy skin without redness and irritation. Ultrasound treatment is excellent in combination with microdermabrasion because it calms the skin and improves absorption and nutritious skin care products.





After we have thoroughly cleaned the skin and postpone the next phase of the enzymatic baking process, which will perform a strong cell exfoliation and remove the surface layer of impurities. Controlled abrasion with the help of crystals of aluminum oxide lasts ten minutes, and in a very gentle way will remove all impurities, equalize the skin and give it a pleasant and young look, with the feeling that the skin has penetrated.

When the skin is open, they are inserted into the undercoat of the ampules with a high proportion of active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the subcutaneous tissue. They are further suppressed by the ultrasound treatment that follows. This pleasant 10 minutes massage at the same time calms and regenerates the skin. It is very important to rinse the ultrasound gel after ultrasound treatment so that the mask that followed is as favorable as the face, and after 15 minutes of the action of the mask, depending on the type of skin and the problem we have treated, the serum and the final cream suppressed gently with massage.


The greatest benefit of this treatment is that there is no special recovery time so that immediately after treatment you can perform your everyday activities. Microdermabrasion is completely painless and you can see the result immediately after the treatment.

Treatment after microdermabrasion is as important as preparation for treatment, the skin must be gently treated as it passes through a sensitive healing process that starts 12 hours after treatment and takes 7 days to produce healthy skin. After treatment, the skin must be well hydrated. The skin healing process begins with increased immunological activity, increased blood circulation in damaged skin, collagen production increases, and tissue strengthens. Our staff will explain in detail to you all the steps.


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