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  • As a child, I had an accident while playing and I had breathing problems throughout my childhood. Doctors advised the procedure #NoseSurgery after the age of 18. Half a year ago, I intensively searched and inquired about where to solve my problem, breathe normally and do minimal aesthetic corrections. My choice fell on the team of experts at Our Little Clinic. I was impressed by the professional approach, the conversation with the doctors and the wonderful ambience of the clinic. Now when I look at myself I am very happy. In less than a month, I have the nose I dreamed of and, most importantly, I can breathe normally, which I haven't been able to do for more than 10 years.
    Verica Mihajlović
    Source: Klix.ba
  • Emina Pazalja
    It took me a long time to decide to get rid of my "frowns", but with the advice of a specialists from the NMK, I'm more than happy. #Botox acts on the wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, which are caused by common muscle movements, and is most commonly used to remove wrinkles on the forehead (so-called frowns), as well as fine wrinkles on the outside of the eyes (so-called wrinkles).
    Emina Pazalja
    Source: Interview NMK
  • Being a model or a mannequin is not that simple, it's not a job where you can end up relaxing, where you can afford to eat cereals and burgers.In pregnancy I got a lot of pounds and because of breastfeeding my breasts lost shape and I wanted them to correct them after I stopped breastfeeding and do something for myself. I decided to indulge in the best experts from Naša mala klinika and reward myself with beautiful and tight breasts with aesthetic intervention #BreastAugumentation.
    Ana Marija Jurišić
    Source: Klix.ba
  • Rialda Karahasanović
    I think it's time to build awareness and start taking care of our health. Smothering space, sleepiness, climatic factors or, as in my case, heavy makeup are things that our skin remembers. Nurture and love yourself because you are the best investment for yourself. Naša mala klinika and it's staff will help you invest in yourself #Dermabrasion.
    Rialda Karahasanović
    Source: Instagram
  • Tinka Milinović
    I always wanted to try PRP microneedling and I was barely waiting to see the result. I was delighted with the reception, starting from the beauty of the interior to the kindness of the staff. They had every nice word for it, and the smilies made me completely relieved, and without any fear I could get into the hands of an expert. For the first week after treatment, I noticed that my skin is more elastic, full and fresher. See you next time! #PRPMicroneedling
    Tinka Milinović
    Source: The Tinka Show
  • Samra Menzilović
    Namely, I have been thinking about a long time #Botox and finally decided that my mimic writhing and years of frenzy are by no means going alongside my face and that it's time to disappear. When these treatments in question my choice is Our Small Clinic. In addition to friendly staff, there is a high level of professionalism, which is of the utmost importance for me to be in the hands of Dr. Agincic.
    Samra Menzilović
    Source: Instagram
  • Andrea Tomašević Kolenda
    The fact that I have a great fear of any kind of facial features, especially those that imply a needle, has rejected me, even at the very thought of getting rid of nasolabial wrinkles. So, #Hyaluronic dermal fillers were the perfect option for me. In just 20 minutes, the face got a completely different dimension and look. Without the expertise and professionalism of the "Naša mala klinika" team, I would not enjoy the daily everyday "Well, every time you are younger and younger!"
    Andrea Tomašević - Kolenda
    Source: Ena's mother Blog
  • Amina Kajtaz
    I train and take care of my diet and body everyday. Training takes a lot of time, and the most annoying me when I waste time on depilation. Then I discovered that #Laser epilation can solve my anxiety and since then I have been totally calm, and I no longer think about the hairs. Frankly, I was young and I was scared about the treatment, but the professional and friendly team "Our little clinics everything" explained to me and relieved me of the most. Thank you from the heart <3
    Amina Kajtaz
    Source: Instagram
  • Lejla Zolj
    About 3-4 years ago, I had in "Naša mala klinika" the removal of an embroidered nail on a thick finger on both sides. The catch was successful and since then I have no problems with that finger. Namely, before this procedure, I had 2 unsuccessful procedures. The first one was in the state hospital in Sarajevo and the other in the Polyclinic in Ilidza. I was struggling with this problem for 2 years, and dr. Čvorak solved my problem. Once again I thank Dr. Čvorak on a successful job.
    Lejla Zolj
    Source: Facebook
  • Nadžija Maksumić
    I think that these are top experts and that, most importantly, those who are telling stories and just taking money do not solve the problem. Even if some procedure is expensive Dr. Čvorak sent him to the clinic and did the same treatment for him free of charge - isn't that human? But, since we are aware that he is from a family of excellent doctors, it is really not a miracle because only the best doctors always and in all situations come out to meet the patients. Greetings and lots of luck in a longer career.
    Nadžija Maksumić
    Source: Facebook
  • Edina Bilić-Komarica
    Dr. Aginčić and Dr. Čvorak were two doctors who were the only ones at the Clinical Center in Sarajevo that had the best results. I also did some minor tasks myself, and I felt this excellent and pleasant experience on my skin. I give them a grade 10 for quality of work and expertise. I wish them a successful future work.
    Edina Bilić-Komarica
    Source: Facebook
  • Mima Begović
    My mom had two face-to-face operations in "Naša mala klinika", the results are fantastic. The intervention consisted of the operation of the eyelids and the lift of the face and neck. The services of this clinic satisfy all the standards of the world institutions. The staff is extremely professional and kind. Organization at a very high level, with warm and intimate relationship with the patient. Thank you and we wish you a lot of success.
    Mima Begović
    Source: Facebook

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