Alopecia or baldness is a lack of hair and can affect smaller or larger areas of the skin according to its prevalence. It is most common for men and it is thought that every other man over 50 has this problem. Factors that contribute to baldness are certainly genetic, and beside them, there are stress, anemia, and hormonal disorders.


FUE SAFE (FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION) hair transplant is the most modern method performed at the world’s largest cosmetic surgery clinics. With this method, individual hair follicles are taken from the back of the head where the hair is stronger and more under the influence of other hormones and transplanted to the previously specified location.. By transplanting these individual follicles, a natural result is obtained.

In order to achieve optimal results with FUE SAFE hair transplant, we recommend doing PRP treatment.


transplantacija kose




  • Patients over 45 years are recommended for cardiac examination.
  • It is recommended to stop taking vitamins, anticoagulants (Aspirin, Andol).
  • Three weeks before the procedure patient should start using Minoxidil, and stop two days before the procedure.
  • During preoperative preparation, photo documentation should be completed, it is completed with photos during and after surgery, as well as during rewinding.




  • Anesthesia: All hair transplantation procedures are performed in local anesthetic with analgesia.
  • Duration: Duration depends on the size of the region and the number of follicles that are being transplanted. The average duration is 8h.


PRICE 1750 € – 2000 €