Over the years, there has been a change in the face and neck that represent a normal aging process. Many authors consider that due to many factors (gene, sunlight, etc.) there is a relaxation of the skin on which gravity acts. This data is based on many syrup techniques based solely on facial suspension, and the result is the name “Facelifting”, which means lifting the face – rejuvenating the face.

Facial lifting can restore pleasant contours to the face and neck, which can help the patient look and feel younger than many years. Combination of of light correction, dermabrasion or liposuction can be combined to obtain the best aesthetic result.


Preoperative preparation


  • The most common patients are between 45 and 55 years of normal weight with a firm skin, a good bone structure, a thin neck and a deep cervicomatic angle.
  • General health check and basic laboratory analysis are mandatory for all patients. It would be desirable to stop smoking and taking drugs and preparations that affect blood coagulation.
  • During the preoperative preparation, photo documentation should be made to fill in photos during and after surgery, and during transplantation.




  • Anesthesia: The operation is performed in general endotracheal anesthesia.
  • Duration: Duration depends on the technique used and on average it is 3 – 4 hours.


PRICE (partial)2000 €
PRICE (complete) 3000 € – 3500 €