Dermabrasion is an operative procedure involving the equalization of uneven skin surfaces by controlled removal of the superficial layers. It is most often used to improve the appearance of facial skin. On the face can be treated as uneven acne scars, injuries or operations. It is also used to alleviate pronounced wrinkles on individual faces.


The most important factor is the assessment of skin type, i.e. its colors and sensitivity. For people with darker skin, there is a certain risk of persistent changes in pigmentation of the skin. No intervention is proposed during the active phase of acne due to the risk of infection.
The surgeon must be familiar with all health problems, allergic reactions, previous operations and injuries, drugs that the patient is taking, sports activities, etc. During preoperative preparation, photo documentation should be completed, it is completed with photos during and after surgery, as well as during rewinding.


Anesthesia: Smaller regions can be treated in local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. For larger regions or the entire face, general anesthesia is required.

Duration: Duration depends on the size of the region. Face dermabrasion takes about 45 minutes.


Special curves are placed on the treated region of the face. The face is moderately swollen and red. It is accompanied by pain and a feeling of burning. The bandage is removed after seven days. During that time, the swelling is gradually withdrawing. After spontaneous falling off, the skin remains sensitive, light-skinned skin for several weeks or even months. Mild make-up that does not cause allergic reactions it can conceal the pink color of the face after the second week.

The most important thing is to avoid direct exposure to the sun for six weeks in order to avoid permanent changes in skin pigmentation. A return to work can be expected after two or three weeks. Activities that can cause injuries to the person, as well as harder sports activities for up to a month, should be avoided. Final results are evaluated at least six months after surgery.


Possible complications are in addition to bleeding and infection, which are rare and minor inequalities that can be corrected in the subsequent procedure.

PRICE Dermabrasion250 € – 1250 €
PRICE Microdermabrasion (1 treatment)100 €
PRICE Microdermabrasion (5 treatments)400 €