Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs as a result of pressure on the medial nerve in the carpal tunnel. Through this tunnel, from the forearm to the fist, the nerve medianus enters, but also the tendons of the muscles that move the fingers. The ties are coated with a thin synovial membrane that lubricates them and facilitates their slip and start. This membrane is sensitive to any lengthy effort and irritation. Any unwanted irritation, such as injuries, inflammation, degenerative change, external pressure on the tunnel, may cause the envelope to thicken, which reduces the area in the carpal tunnel leading to pressure and crushing the median. For these reasons, there are hooks in the fingers of the fist, as well as the feeling of annealing.


If the pressure reaches the degree to which the nerve cannot perform the function, there are hints and anxiety of the first three fingers and half of the fourth finger of the hand and the pain that is especially pronounced at night. The pain and tendons spread to the palm and fingers, but they can spread to the elbow and shoulder. If compression is long-lasting or intense, there are changes in the muscles of the hand, they hypotrophy, which leads to loss of strength and uncertainty in finger and weakening and loss of feeling.




It is necessary to draw attention if you have coagulopathies, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, kidney or heart disease, and if you are taking anticoagulants (Aspirin, Andol, Plavix, Sintra).




  • Anesthesia: The surgical procedure is performed in regional anesthesia (axillary block), but at the patient’s request it can be performed in general endotracheal anesthesia.
  • Duration: The duration of the surgery is about 45 minutes.




After surgery, the patient can go home immediately. Wear a link on the hand. Facilitation is felt immediately after surgery. The end of the tenth postoperative day is removed. Regular activities are back in two weeks. Sometimes a physical therapy is needed to restore full function of the hand. Our kind staff will explain to you all the steps.




Complications are rare. Infections, hematomas, and sometimes similar symptoms as before surgery can occur.


PRICE 500 € – 1000 €