BodyTite treatments

BodyTite™ highly advanced body contouring and skin tightening treatment

Liposuction has long been the gold standard for removing excess fat deposits, but according to many, it leaves behind sagging skin. Surgical removal of excess skin (brachioplasty, abdominoplasty, thigh lift) inevitably results in significant scarring.

BodyTite is a bipolar Radio Frequency Assisted Lipocoagulation (RFAL) system and concept that simultaneously removes fat and tightens the fibers around fat cells. In this way, it helps the surgeon to better control the contraction of soft tissue and the contours of the face, neck and body when performing a liposuction procedure or just skin tightening. This system comes with special handpieces with different sizes and configurations and are designed for specific clinical procedures and anatomical locations.

BodyTite is a minimally invasive treatment that enables body shaping with minimal recovery time and minimal scarring.

BodyTite is often combined with a standard liposuction procedure to achieve the most optimal results.

How BodyTite works

BodyTite is the only device that tightens the skin and melts fat deposits using innovative radio frequency energy waves. It differs from other RF devices because the radio frequency is delivered simultaneously to the deeper layers below and to the surface of the skin. The device has two probes, one that is inserted under the skin and the other that slides over it. The tissue layers under the skin and the outer skin are heated to a predetermined, desired temperature. The dermis, the deeper part of the skin, is full of collagen, and when it reaches a certain temperature, the existing collagen fibers tighten and contract. This instantly improves the skin’s firmness and contour. The BodyTite device also offers unparalleled safety by continuously monitoring internal and external tissue temperatures to prevent skin burns.

Candidates for BodyTite

BodyTite is best for people who have mild to moderate sagging skin and want to achieve a tighter look and more contoured face or body. It can also offer more dramatic results and help reduce fat deposits when combined with liposuction.

Areas that can be treated with BodyTite

  • Face
  • Chin
  • The neck
  • Hands
  • Belly
  • Lower back
  • Buttock
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Knees
  • Calf leaves

BodyTite procedure

BodyTite is minimally invasive and does not involve any larger incisions than standard liposuction. The procedure can be performed under general anesthesia, analgosedation or local anesthesia depending on the surface of the treated region and the agreement with your surgeon. By introducing the probe into the deeper layers under the skin, the fat cells melt during the release of radiofrequency energy and the skin shrinks as a result. In the case of a combination with liposuction, the melted fat cells will be removed, which facilitates the liposuction procedure itself, and allows your body to recover faster. The duration of the procedure depends on the area of the treated regions and the number of regions to be treated.

BodyTite recovery

Bruising, swelling and moderate soreness are normal after the treatment, especially if it is combined with liposuction. Temporary numbness of the treated region is also possible. Most patients can return to work after treatment in 2-4 days, although the exact recovery time will depend on the extent of treatment. Full activity and vigorous exercise can be returned in approximately 4 weeks. After a BodyTite treatment, patients must wear a compression garment under their clothing for about 6 weeks. This reduces swelling and allows optimal results to be achieved.

BodyTite results

The effects of BodyTite are immediate, although at first they may be somewhat masked by swelling and bruising. As time passes, you can expect tighter and smoother skin and a reduction in fat deposits in the treated area. Your body will continue to produce more collagen in response to treatment for up to a year after treatment. For patients with cellulite, BodyTite and liposuction can improve the results of cellulite treatment because loose skin and fat deposits worsen the appearance of dimpling.

Full results from BodyTite and liposuction are usually visible after three months. The results of these procedures are long-lasting, although it should be taken into account that the aging process is a continuous process that will continue to affect the appearance and elasticity of the skin, and that it is necessary to control body weight.

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