Aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic surgery is a subgroup of plastic surgery and deals with the correction of aesthetic defects and anomalies. The main purpose of aesthetic surgery is reflected in the beautification of the human body and face. Also, this branch of surgery is at the same time an integral part of anti-aging medicine, because it aims at enhancing the appearance of the body and face of the patient by providing a younger and fresher look to the patient.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery implies surgical procedures that change the person's physical appearance. This type of surgery is reflected in a reconstructive or aesthetic purpose. Namely, reconstructive surgery interventions relate primarily to correction of physical functions, reduction or elimination of deformations caused as a result of some diseases, accidents or innate deformations.

The most common aesthetic procedure in the world is breast augmentation, then eyelid surgery, whose correction makes the face look much younger. Aesthetic and plastic surgery also include procedures such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, abominoplasty, liboplasty, etc.