Aesthetic correction of the eyelids is the most common aesthetic surgery on the face. Aging results in changes in the skin, muscles, fat tissue and ligaments, which is most noticeable on the skin of the face as the most exposed part of the body. The excess skin in the form of bags that additionally exacerbates the excess fatty tissue gives the face an old and tired appearance. Blepharoplasty represents an operating method of the surgical removal of excess skin of the eyelids with or without reduction of the orbital fat tissue due to functional and for esthetic reasons.




General health check and basic laboratory analysis are mandatory for all patients. It would be preferable to stop smoking, and taking drugs and preparations that affect blood coagulation.

During preoperative preparation, photo documentation should be completed, it is completed with photos during and after the surgery, as well as during rewinding.




  • Anesthesia: The surgical procedure is usually done in local anesthesia, but at the request of the patient, it can also be done in general endotracheal anesthesia. If the upper and lower lids should be done, it is recommended to work in general endotracheal anesthesia.
  • Duration: The duration of the surgical procedure for both upper eyelids is about 45 minutes, while for the lower lids it takes about 60 minutes.




During the first day, it is necessary to put cold cloths over the gauze to minimize the swelling and bruise. Antibiotics and analgesics are administered as needed. Threads are removed 5-7 days after the surgery, leaving an almost imperceptible scar. Swelling and blueness are withdrawn mainly in the first 7 days.
Returning to normal activities is possible around 7 days after the surgery and sometimes even earlier. Our kind staff will explain all the details!




Complications are rare. Transient dryness of the eye, temporary inability to completely shut the lids, asymmetry of the lids, and very rarely visible scars can occur.


PRICE (upper eyelids)  800 €
PRICE (lower eyelids) local anesthesia 950 € | general anesthesia 1100 €
PRICE (lower eyelids – trans conjugated) local anesthesia 700 € | general anesthesia 900 €