Correction of the ears is a surgical intervention that corrects the position and shape of the ear shells that are too prominent and separated from the head. Ear surgery also includes various deformities of the ear awhile that are inborn or are the result of injuries and infections. In cases of partially or completely underdeveloped ear bugs, their reconstruction is possible.




The intervention is also performed in small children at the age of six to seven years when the ear shells are almost completely developed, and the cartilage is softer and more suitable for transformation than in adults.

During preoperative preparation, photo documentation should be completed, it is completed with photos during and after surgery, as well as during rewinding.




  • Anesthesia: In general, general endotracheal anesthesia is recommended for young children, while in the case of adults, an operation may be performed in local anesthesia.
  • Duration: Duration depends on the complexity of the procedure. The average duration is 60 to 90 minutes.




A large, soft bandage is carried on the head for seven days. Its role is to maintain a new position and shape and protect the ear shell. During this period, slight pain and discomfort are possible due to the sensation of cracking and chewing in the ears. The ends of the skin spontaneously disappear or are removed after seven to ten days. Then the bandage is replaced by an elastic band around the head. Returning children to school or adults to work can be expected ten days after the intervention. For the next month, activities should be avoided during which ears are exposed to withdrawal or injury.




Changes in the feeling of the skin are transient. The possible complications are the swelling, bleeding, infection and the return of the remaining ears, which is extremely rare.


PRICE (both ears) arch. anesthesia 600 € | general anesthesia 750 €
PRICE (one ear) arch. anesthesia 350 € | general anesthesia 500 €