About us

Center for Aesthetic Surgery Naša mala klinika was founded in 2011 in Sarajevo. The founders of the Clinic are Prim. dr. sci. Aginčić Alija and Prim. dr. Alemko Čvorak.

At the time of the founding of the Clinic, a humorous series entitled Naša mala klinika was brought to the viewers of the wider region. The cheerfulness and smile were the inspiration for our institution / clinic to be modeled on the hugely popular series. Enis Bešlagić, one of the main actors in the series at the time, and a friend of our Clinic once said: Naša mala klinika has only made you laugh so far, and will make you even prettier from now on!

Center for Aesthetic Surgery Naša mala klinika is primarily engaged in cosmetic and plastic-reconstructive surgery. The clinic is located in a modernly equipped space in the very center of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) at Skenderija in the street of Adila Grebe bb.

For clients who want a more beautiful appearance without surgery, the Clinic offers a wide range of Anti-Aging treatments in collaboration with reputable brands. In collaboration with Reviderm Cosmetics, we offer PRP treatments and Microneedling with the latest Dermapen 4 device. Botox, these Belotero and Juvederm fillers are offered to our patients with superior end results, and the first-class Alma Soprano Ice laser is available to patients interested in laser hair removal.

Naša mala klinika strives to continuously invest in the expertise of its employees and keep up with the latest developments in the field of cosmetic and plastic-reconstructive surgery. With daily practices, as well as frequent foreign participation and education, these hands-on workshops enhance our expertise, gain experience and provide the best possible service to our patients.

In order to successfully provide the best possible service and care to our patients, as well as top results, we continuously organize visits of the best experts in the field of aesthetic and plastic-reconstructive surgery, as well as plastic surgeons who have earned their careers at the most prestigious clinics in the world. Doctor names like Prof. dr. Miomir Ninković, Prof. dr. Nebojša Rajačić visiting our Aesthetic Surgery Center, they contributed to the exchange of European and world experiences and thus offered our patients advice and surgical procedures applied in the best clinics around the world.

Keeping up with technology is another imperative of the Aesthetic Surgery Center Naša mala klinika.

In addition to state-of-the-art equipment that assists us in surgical rooms and guarantees maximum patient safety, the Clinic is also equipped with a state-of-the-art 3D photosimulation device called Vectra XT 3D. This device is currently unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina as it educates patients and enables them to influence the surgery process and see in advance the outcome of aesthetic surgery on the nose, chest and abdomen.

Our mission is to be the best and most attractive Clinic in the field of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery in the market that provides top quality to its patients.

In line with our mission, our vision is to maximize the experiences our clients have and to become the preferred patient choice in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and beyond.